Jeff Jonez

Tireless User Experience Rapscallion

I'm a designer who loves technology...

...working with stakeholders and developers to make websites and web applications simpler, quicker and easier for the people that use them.

User Experience Research

Well-versed in requirements analysis, stakeholder interviews, creating use cases, wireframaing, planning information architecture, and executing content strategy.

User Experience Design

Mastery of desktop and mobile user interface design, high-fidelity prototyping, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Deep knowledge of visual accessibility best practices.

User Experience Development

Fluent in responsive HTML 5 and CSS 3. Comfortable working in JavaScript, PHP, JSP and ASP. Expertise in Bootstrap, jQuery, and accessibility compliance.


USPTO Data Operations


An internal web application for patent search database updates, with bootstrap progress bars and stateful global navigation. This prototype came from six months of weekly meetings reviewing their existing PC-based application and negotiating translations and enhancements.

Blue Moon Rising

Blue Moon Rising

A personal science fiction and fantasy media editorial publication, featuring a highly-responsive layout and jQuery-driven slide shows. Built on a heavily-customized WordPress install, with extensive PHP and CSS modifications.


IRS Data As A Service

An internal web portal which allows IRS auditors to create advanced multi-database queries without writing complex code. This application prototype was created using Bootstrap and hand-coded HTML.


A stylish portfolio site for a professional illustrator, implemented on WordPress with extensive PHP customization. The target audiences are art directors and young fantasy art aficionados looking for insight into Veronica's process.

US Department of Homeland Security

Homeland Security

Designed and implemented visual reboot of the DHS website in early 2009, incorporating a cleaner, more contemporary look, more social media integration and deeper feature photography. Added one of the Federal government's first responsive layouts in 2010.

McFadyen Solutions

McFadyen Solutions

An unpublished redesign with an open, modern look maintaining the color and themes of the existing brand. Imploding, interactive puzzle cube animated in Flash.

Samaritan Ministry

Samaritan Ministry

A Washington-area charitable organization that was looking for an attractive way of providing information to a wide variety of stakeholders. The theme provided an orderly, yet casual atmosphere.


User Experience Specialist at REI for HHS and DOE
since October 2016 in Sterling, VA

Projects: User Experience enhancements to HHS and DOE web applications.

Big Cheese at Squeeker Media
since December 2004 in Manassas, VA

Projects: Design and development of artist portfolios and Homeland Security websites.

Achievements: Providing freelance web design services for individuals and organizations recognizing the value of accessibility, maintainability and — most importantly — usability. Most recently redesigning the DHS OIG website, and previously designed and deployed WordPress portfolios for several illustrators.

Skills: Innovative web and interaction design for prototypes and WordPress installations, plus search engine optimization and creative writing.

User Interface Designer at BCMC for State
from April to October 2016 in Falls Church, VA

Projects: Design and development of State Department interagency applications.

Achievements: Designing and developing the user interface and user experience of State's eCC application in HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. Ensuring Section 508 compatibility, and optimal visual implementation on ServiceNow's CMS system. Providing UI design and implementation for other web applications as needed.

Skills: Advanced interaction design using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery. Cross-browser and Section 508 compliance.

User Experience Lead at Design Interactive for USPTO
from May 2015 to January 2016 in Arlington, VA

Projects: UX enhancements to the US Patent and Trademark Office EST patent search and Data Operations applications.

Achievements: Designed the interface and interactions that will enable administrators to keep the USPTO patent database up to date, and provided enhancements that will allow examiners to easily and extensively search those patent databases.

Skills: Requirements analysis, stakeholder interviewing, and high-fidelity user interface prototyping via HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3 and occasionally Axure.

User Interface Designer at Hexaware for Freddie Mac
from January 2015 to May 2015 in Vienna, VA

Projects: UI work on Internal Freddie Mac mortgage bundle tracking applications.

Achievements: Delivered a complex interface via production-ready HTML and CSS for integration into Freddie Mac's mortgage product monitoring and managing web application, and created an updated prototype for their trading system.

Skills: User interface design and prototyping via HTML 5, CSS 3 and Bootstrap 3.

Ecommerce Web Designer at McFadyen Solutions
from March 2014 to December 2014 in Vienna, VA

Projects: Harman Kardon, Red Cross, McFadyen Solutions websites.

Achievements: Interface development and implementation on Oracle's ATG Ecommerce platform for McFadyen Solutions clients, including Red Cross and Harman Kardon. Assisted in the long-overdue relaunch of

Skills: Web design, user interface development and implementation via HTML 5, CSS 3 and Bootstrap 3 for McFadyen clients. Wordpress implementation and management for

User Interface Designer at Computech for IRS, ITC and almost FCC
from October 2013 to March 2014 in Washington, DC

Projects: Internal Revenue Service's Data as a Service web application, and the International Trade Commission's EDIS web application.

Achievements: Prototype creation and workflow enhancements to the DaaS web application for the Internal Revenue Service and EDIS document management system for the International Trade Commission.

Skills: Interaction design with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

User Interface Lead at CSC for NYSOH
from February 2013 to October 2013 in Albany, NY and Manassas, VA

Project: New York State of Health healthcare marketplace, as described by the Affordable Care Act.

Achievements: Lead a small team of 4-6 UI professionals in the creation and modification of wireframes and front-end implementation for the Healthcare Exchange. Also contributed directly to the application's user interface design, workflow mapping and front-end development.

Skills: Stakeholder interaction, requirements analysis, interface design and front-end development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JSP.

previous positions available upon request


Brain Bench Certification
in July 2006

Web Designer BCIP, with master-level Web Design Concepts, Web Design for Accessibility, Dreamweaver MX, and Photoshop 7.0.

Northern Virginia Community College
from September 1986 to February 1988 in Annandale, VA

Major: Computer Information Services. 40+ hours completed.

Ferrum College
from September 1984 to July 1986 in Ferrum, VA

Major: Computer Science. 40+ hours completed.

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